British Virgin Islands - Conservation Priorities

Education, Training and Public Awareness
  • Environmental education and awareness programmes should be developed for both schools and adults.
  • Public awareness of the turtle conservation situation should be increased, in particular working closely with trunkers to show need for species recovery.
Protected Areas
  • A national park should be developed on Anegada, taking into account settlement of the islanders' land claims and the need for full local participation in planning and management of the protected area.
  • Anegada and Horseshoe Reef should be included in the Ramsar list of wetlands of international importance.
  • The internationally important Beef Island wetlands should be designated as a Ramsar site and a review should be undertaken of the conservation importance of eight identified wetland sites in BVI.
Biodiversity (Species)
  • Turtles
  • Turtle conservation should be given high priority by politicians and decision makers.
  • Turtle nesting site surveys and development of the database should continue. A moratorium on the exploitation of leatherback turtles should be declared until stocks recover.
  • Iguanas
  • The endemic Anegada iguana Cyclura pinguis should be fully protected to halt the rapid decline in its numbers.
Biodiversity (Habitats)

Table 4 shows the habitat research activities required.

Table 4. British Virgin Islands: Habitat Research Requirements
Habitat Vegetation mapping Listing of sites Detailed survey of selected sites Assessment of habitat for conservation purposes Regular monitoring of habitat
Woodland R R R R R
Mangrove R R R R R
Other wetlands R R R R R
Other terrestrial habitats R R R R R
Coastal areas R R R R R
Reefs R R R R R
Other marine habitats R R R R R
R, required; -, no response
Source: BVI National Parks Board