Gibraltar - Conservation Priorities

Conservation Infrastructure
UK non-governmental organizations should help to support the work of GONHS, particularly assisting the organization to develop its databases and to acquire paid staff. The GONHS needs financial support. This could be in the form of grants to sponsor students from overseas, and for research in the priority areas identified below. Books and journals are also required.
The UK Government should include Gibraltar in its ratification of the Bern Convention and assist in its implementation.
Protected Areas
  • The proposed marine nature reserve should be declared and its suitability as a Ramsar site should be assessed.
  • Additional terrestrial protected areas should be declared, covering habitats requiring protection under the Habitats Directive.
Biodiversity (Species)

Table 9 summarizes the status of research at species level.

Table 9. Gibraltar: Species Information Requirements
Species group Level of research to date Information available on conservation status Activities required Priority species
Mammals Extensive Y C D E Schreiber's bat European free-tailed bat Large mouse-eared bat Dolphins
Birds Extensive Y C E W. Mediterranean shag Yellow-legged gull
Reptiles Extensive Y C Bedringa's skink
Amphibians Extensive Y    
Fish Some Y C D E Species declining due to pollution and overfishing
Terrestrial invertebrates Some Y C D E Snails
Marine invertebrates Extensive Y C D E Gibraltar Bay endemics
Trees Extensive Y C  
Other flowering plants Extensive Y C D Endemics
Non-flowering plants Some Y A B D  
A, Preparation of a species inventory; B, Survey of the geographical distribution of species; C, A detailed ecological survey of selected species; D, Assessment of conservation status of species; E, Regular monitoring of species.
Source: GONHS
Biodiversity (Habitats)
Table 10 shows the habitat research requirements
Table 10. Gibraltar: Habitat Research Requirements
Habitat Vegetation mapping Listing of sites Detailed survey of selected sites Assessment of habitat for conservation purposes Regular monitoring of habitat
Woodland - - R - R
Other terrestrial habitats - - R R R
Coastal areas - - R R R
Reefs R R R R R
Other marine habitats R R R R R
R, required;
-, no response Source: GONHS