Pitcairn Islands - Conservation Priorities

Education, Training and Public Awareness
The Forum should constitute the formation of a Pitcairn Working Group.
Protected Areas
  • The atolls of Oeno and Ducie should be designated as Ramsar sites.
  • The acceptance of the Henderson Management Plan should be expedited.
Biodiversity (Species)
  • A survey of the flora and invertebrates of Pitcairn Island should be carried out with emphasis on locating pockets of the original biota. Steps should be taken to protect and enhance such pockets in consultation with Pitcairn Islanders.
  • A programme of rat eradication should be carried out on Oeno and possibly on other islands in the Pitcairn group, in order to establish a haven for nesting petrels, especially the newly described Pterodroma atrata.
Biodiversity (Habitats)
Further degradation of the miro/tao woodland on Henderson Island should be halted, and measures should be implemented to enhance the woodland's quality.