"Biodiversity That Matters" - Proceedings
A Conference on Conservation in the UK Overseas Territories and other small island communities
7th to 12th October 2006

The Proceedings form a large document containing text and many illustrations. Accordingly, we have divided the proceedings into several files as set out below.

Although each can be read online (if Acrobat Reader is installed on your machine), they are designed to be saved on your machine and viewed and/or printed off-line as required. Files sizes range from 211kb to 4.6Mb.

The Contents List is in the first section.

Section 00: Front cover, introduction, contents, overview and conclusions 211kb
Section 01: Opening of conference and conservation issues of Jersey 1.5Mb
Section 02: Conservation of the built heritage 560kb
Section 03: Environment Charters and strategic planning 3.6Mb
Section 04: Integration of conservation and sustainable livelihoods: marine 1.5Mb
Section 05: Integration of conservation and sustainable livelihoods: terrestrial 3.6Mb
Section 06: Dealing with alien invasive species 2.5Mb
Section 07: Obtaining and using resources (not just money) 2.1Mb
Section 08: Environmental education 2.7Mb
Section 09: Species recovery 830K
Section 10: Posters and other items on other topics 1Mb
Section 11: Appendix on some EIA workshop presentations 4.6Mb
Section 12: Appendices of draft programme, participants, feedback, and back cover 787kb
Organised by:

UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum, with the support of the Overseas Territories Environment Programme, and hosted by the Jersey conservation bodies.

Conference Summary - pdf (211kb)
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