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*** The Forum supports local organisations because they create a sense of ownership of the resources to be protected and they create pride in the local people in their own national treasures. They are the most effective environmental educators, and unlike international bodies, they will always be there.

*** Some Overseas Territories have no tradition of NGOs, and in some cases, local people may lack the expertise to establish and run these organisations. Almost everyone needs help in accessing the few international funding sources that are available to the Overseas Territories. The Forum empowers local people and gives them the tools and information they need to do the work themselves.
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The UKOTCF is a Registered Charity (1058483)
How does the Forum work to conserve the treasure trove of biodiversity found in the Overseas Territories?

  • By supporting local people in their efforts to conserve their own environmental resources;
  • offering strategic assistance to the Overseas Territories, both governments and non-governmental organisations (NGOs);
  • helping NGOs find international funding for their work;
  • raising awareness in the UK about the Overseas Territories and our responsibility to them;
  • representing NGOs on international bodies such as the Ramsar Committee;
  • coordinating the support of UK member bodies in providing specialised technical assistance to enable local people to carry out conservation projects; and
  • providing regional support by expert Working Groups.
The Turks & Caicos National Trust’s 2000 Annual Report says:

"The UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum has been our biggest support on virtually every front. From finding funding and technical support to running hands-on workshops to help the Trust improve its operations, the list goes on and on. The Forum’s support has been a major factor in the upturn of the Trust’s fortunes in recent years."

Did you know...?