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Did you know....
...that the sixteen former colonies which choose to retain their close links to Britain are known as the Overseas Territories?
...that there are more than 20 known endemic species of birds in the Overseas Territories? And more than 200 endemic plant species?
...that the endangered green turtle nests in seven Overseas Territories in three different oceans?
...that Ascension Island has six unique plant species and at least fifteen unique animals?
...that Montserrat supports 132 tree species, 59 species of birds, including its endemic Montserrat Oriole, and 13 mammals?
...that the British Indian Ocean Territory includes more than 20,000 square kilometres of pristine coral reefs, including the Great Chagos Bank, the largest coral atoll in the world?
...that the Cayman Islands have two endemic sub-species of Rock Iguana and two endemic sub-species of parrot?
...that the Falkland Islands harbour vast colonies of seabirds, including five breeding species of penguin, as well as providing breeding grounds for sea lions, elephant seals and fur seals?
...that tiny Gibraltar is home to a variety of endemic species as well as the Barbary macaque, the only wild monkey species in Europe?
...that the wetland system of the Turks & Caicos Islands is considered to be the most pristine of all the 160 UK wetlands listed under the Ramsar Convention?
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