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This database was originally developed in the late 1990s, when it represented a very innovative approach. It was revised a decade later to make use of improvements in software over that period. The updating was done in a modular way, as funds and human resources allowed. Therefore, the format of some modules will be different from others. Although a great deal of checking was done while migrating data to the new system, some errors may remain; please advise cwensink@ukotcf.org. Some of the contents of the database are now being transferred to other parts of the new web-site. However, some aspects are difficult to replicate there at present, so we are keeping this format available.

For each of the following modules of the database, the menu items above and the headings below link to pages enabling structured searches by appropriate categories or words. NB - The Information Database is quite separate from the website Search facility - accessed from LH menu on the 'old' (ukotcf.org) site - and the search function at the top of the new web-site (ukotcf.org.uk). These are directed to searching the contents of all the other 'main' pages on these sites, and exclude the Information Database and separate files. Structured search facilities, accessed via one of the links below, are provided for documents in the Information Database. The main site pages are not included in these searches.

General Information     >>

Provides basic information and sources of further advice on a range of topics (not covered in the other modules) of interest to those concerned with conservation in the UK Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies (and often relevant elsewhere too).

Sites and Topics        >>

Contains information on the location, features, status, threats and conservation management of areas of land and water ("Sites"). Various forms of searching are also easy, such as finding entries ("Events") from any site relating to the above subjects or a range of others.

Environmental Education Resources       >>

Information on environmental education resources which may be suitable (or easily adaptable) for use in a particular UK Overseas Territory or Crown Dependency, thereby reducing development costs and “re-inventing of the wheel”.

Projects: Specific Conservation Priorities        >>

Allows the tracking of projects designed to address some of the conservation priorities in individual Territories and across Territories. This may be of use at various stages, for example:

  • planning and seeking partners or resources for a project;
  • reporting on progress for a current project;
  • pointing to the results of a project for wider application.

Conservation Priorities    >>

Summarises priorities identified with the full involvement of conservation bodies in each UK Overseas Territory, originally in 1994-5 and updated by some of the Territories on various occasions since. Subsequently, territories have incorporated this sort of work into Environment Charter strategies and other more recent developments. Accordingly, the format of this module has been adjusted, as explained in the introduction to that section .

Funding Sources

Contains basic information and directions to further information on potential funding sources which have shown an interest in supporting work in UK Overseas Territories. (This module is unavailable at present, as it needs updating; this was not done because  JNCC indicated that their website would cover this function, although that website since dropped that role.) 

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