THE TERRITORIES - links to individual pages:
PACIFIC Pitcairn Islands WIDER CARIBBEAN Anguilla
British Virgin Islands
Cayman Islands
Turks and Caicos Islands
INDIAN OCEAN British Indian Ocean Territory
SOUTH ATLANTIC British Antarctic Territory
Falkland Islands
St Helena & associated islands:
- Tristan da Cunha
South Georgia
and the South Sandwich Islands
EUROPE Cyprus Sovereign Base Areas
Bailiwick of Guernsey *
Bailiwick of Jersey *
Isle of Man *

* - 'Crown Dependencies'


UK Overseas Territories have their own identity and governing structure and are not represented in the UK Parliament; however, they form part of the nation-state of UK.

The exact relationship between Overseas Territories and the UK differs for almost all the Territories, but generally the UK is responsible for defence and international relations (including international conventions), as well as other aspects in some Territories, and is expected to provide general advice and support in most aspects of government. The UK also has reserve powers in respect of legislation.

For further information on the UKOTCF and the territories, refer to the UKOTCF Background page.

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